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Rockmaninov Telerobo lets your friends and family on a Skype Video Call remotely pan, tilt, and zoom your QuickCam® Orbit/Sphere AF web cam.

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Home/pet monitoring?

If you wish to control the Orbit/Sphere camera on an unattended computer, you should have an extra Skype name for the unattended computer. This is the Skype name you should use when buying Telerobo. In Skype, make sure you enable "Answer incoming calls automatically" and "Start my video automatically when I am in a call" under "Tools>Options>Calls>Call Settings". You should also set the privacy settings as appropriate.

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Aftering ordering, you will receive the activation code by e-mail within five to ten minutes.


Note: Both parties must have Rockmaninov Telerobo installed. However, only the party with the Orbit/Sphere camera requires the activation code.

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